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Are you a business or individual engaged in telemarketing or the call center industry? Allen, Mitchell & Allen PLLC specializes in business-side telemarketing compliance and defense. We do not represent plaintiffs against telemarketers. If you have questions or concerns about your compliance with the various state and federal telemarketing laws, we would be happy to arrange a free consultation. Feel free to view the following short video and compliance webinar that were given by Eric Allen, our managing telemarketing attorney. Also, consider signing up for our online telemarketing compliance courses

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 Are you unsure of what telemarketing or call center laws apply to your business? Does the possibility of getting named in a TCPA class action lawsuit keep you up at night? Our experts can assist you in every aspect of national telemarketing or call center law compliance

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Our attorneys and staff are broken into litigation, telemarketing compliance, regulatory, and licensing teams to better suit your needs. We represent hundreds of telemarketers, lead generators, dialer vendors, call centers, and others in the telemarketing and call center industry. 

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Telemarketing Attorney

In addition to our standard hourly rate services, we provide a number of specialized products and services for those in the call center industry. 

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