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Our Team

 Our attorneys and support staff come from various business and legal backgrounds. We understand both the intricacies of the law as well as the practical concerns that business face. Our purpose is to help our clients balance legal compliance with their underlying business goals. 

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Litigation Team

Telemarketing Attorney

 Our litigation team, headed by managing partner Eric Allen, assists business in defending themselves against TCPA lawsuits. Our team also routinely assists business clients with other incidental lawsuits. Please note that our attorneys are only licensed to practice law in the state of Utah, and may require local co-counsel in your state. 

Compliance Team

Telemarketing Compliance

 The firm's compliance team focuses on helping businesses understand and comply with the various state and federal marketing laws. They routinely attend and present at industry compliance summits and events. Eric Allen has presented numerous webinars on compliance issues, and our compliance team maintains a blog at

Regulatory Team

Telemarketing Regulations

 If you are facing a government investigation or enforcement action, our Regulatory Team has your back. They deal with the various state and federal agencies on a regular basis and are experts in  helping businesses avoid and mitigate their exposure. They also advocate on behalf of businesses and are members of the Professional Association for Customer Engagement

Licensing Team

Telemarketing License

 Do you need help with state telemarketing license registrations? Our licensing team is one of the nations leading providers of telemarketing licensing services. Whether your business is big or small, our team can efficiently assist you in identifying and obtaining the necessary licenses.